The Hive Weekly is our weekly roundup report of our activity on the Hive Network. Hive is a decentralized blockchain and ecosystem. It offers a wide range of applications including play2earn gaming, social media, NFT, and more. Today we’ll provide The Hive Weekly: 002.

What Apps do we use on the Hive Network?

This week our most used apps in the Hive Ecosystem include Splinterlands, Travelfeed, Peakd, and d.Buzz.

Splinterlands Weekly Report

Join in on the fun!

Splinterlands is a play2earn collectible card game. You build your team and battle other players for domination. It’s fun, easy to pick up, and affordable to begin playing. While many other play2earn games cost $1000 to start playing, you can start playing Splinterlands with only $10.

How did I do this week? Let’s just say, growth in Splinterlands has been tough this last week. Time to go over the numbers.

Win/loss ratio for the week: 60 wins and 69 losses. Time to get that win rate back over 50%.

Part of the losing streak can be attributed to the crazy costs on the card rental market, but also to my lack of skill and patience when picking teams. We’ll get back on the winning side this week.

This Week’s Splinterlands Rewards

I know you’re here to find out about the rewards.

Currency rewards for the week include 296 DEC and 3.82 SPS. We also only received 1 common card all week.

This is a huge drop from last week due to the quest potion nerf in-game. Hopefully, Splinterlands comes up with a solution that will help f2p players advance their accounts.

Card value has skyrocketed though. My current collection is valued at $61.51 an increase of $21.95! Nice!

Total Splinterlands Account Value

Today, my Splinterlands account sits at $85.53! My holdings include 2652 DEC ($20.45), 8.89 SPS ($3.57), and $61.51 in card value.

Not bad for a $10 investment a few weeks ago.

Want to play Splinterlands and start earning money? Follow this link to join Splinterlands.

Travelfeed Weekly Report

Travelfeed is home to my travel blog. As a digital nomad, I’m constantly on the road. Unfortunately due to COVID, I haven’t been doing much travel so I’ve been reminiscing about past trips on the blog. Travelfeed is one of the most lucrative social media platforms on the Hive Network and I encourage any travel fan to join up and start earning money for traveling.

koh phangan thailand

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Koh Phangan was my first home in Southeast Asia. I have such fond memories of this magical island. This is part one of my adventures in Koh Phangan.

Pre-Covid Series: Koh Phangan, Thailand Part 2

Continuing my Koh Phangan adventures. I moved to the beach and soaked up the warmth of this wonderful island. Stay tuned for part 3.

Peakd, Splintertalk and D.Buzz

There is a wide range of social media/blogging options on the Hive Network. I’ve grown to love Travelfeed, Peakd, Splintertalk, and Posting on these covers all the basics. Peakd for general blogs and articles, Travelfeed for travel, Splintertalk for Splinterlands blogging, and D.Buzz for Twitter-style posts.


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Let’s Talk Hive Rewards

Posting on the Hive Network offers rewards. You can be paid in Hive Dollars and Hive Power. Starting from $0.00 my account is currently worth $37.66. Here’s to more growth over the coming weeks and months!

Join Hive and Earn Crypto for Blogging

The biggest advantage of blogging the Hive Network is you gain cryptocurrency for every post. The site encourages and rewards well-developed and researched content. Once you register for one app on the network, you’re registered for all the other apps. This makes logging in and signing up a snap.

If you’re ready to sign up and be a part of the social media and gaming future click here to start onboarding.

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