Earn money while playing video games. Blockchain gaming is here. Now is the time to get invested and start earning.

Play2Earn Gaming on the BlockChain

Play to earn gaming lets players earn real money and rewards for their time spent playing the game. Currently, the team at OneZen Digital Marketing and Media is heavily invested in Splitnerlands and Axie Infinity.


Splinterlands is a card collecting and battle game. Collect powerful monsters and summoners to battle and win rare cards and cryptocurrencies.

Want to start your journey? You can join Splinterlands here.

Axie Infinity is an NFT-based video game where players can earn Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies in the game.

Learn more about Axie Infinity.

NFT Design, Minting and Investing

VeVe digital collectibles come in limited-edition releases, can be purchased, sold and traded, upgraded and customized, placed in virtual showrooms, shared on social and more, all through the VeVe app!