Deep Dark New Wave and 80s: The Mixtape Episode 020

don stone the mixtape 020

The mixtape is a showcase for DJ mixes of any genre. I have an incredibly diverse catalog of music to choose from for each of my DJ mixes and events. Over the last 20 mixes, I’ve featured countless genres and will continue to keep this tradition going. While you may notice that certain genres like house, techno, disco, and 80s are prominent in the discography, I’ll be trying to diversify even more for these upcoming mixes. Today’s mix is a deep dive into new wave, 80s, 90s, and synthpop music.

Depeche Mode being cooler than you

If you lived through the 80s or 90s you might have gone through a goth or new wave stage. While I never dressed in all black or shopped at Hot Topic, I was always interested in the more commercial side of the music. Bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and New Order were on constant repeat from my cassette deck while I was in school. Today I love DJing this type of music for young and older crowds.

Today’s Mix by Don Stone features New Wave and 80s

don stone dj
Halloween Styles in Siem Reap

So here’s the mix. There is a tracklisting below as well for any trainspotters. I just want to say thanks to all the musicians that provide the music that I play. I couldn’t be cool without you!

The tracklisting for The Mixtape Episode 020: Dark New Wave and 80s

  1. Material – Don’t Lose Control (Dance)
  2. Brian Eno, David Byrne – Regiment (La Decadanse Edit)
  3. Book of Love – I Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)
  4. Vicious Pink – Cccan’t you See (French Extended Mix0
  5. P.J. Harvey – Down by the Water (La Decadanse Edit)
  6. The Presets – Kitty in the Middle
  7. Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth (DJ Marika and Tripwerk Remix)
  8. Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train
  9. Level 42 – Lessons in Love (Mutrans Edit Mix)
  10. ‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry (Single Mix)

Upcoming Mixes and Booking Info

I’ve been extremely lazy about posting mixes but I’m hoping that changes. There’s at least 30-40 live sets from me (Don Stone) that I’ve recorded in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand that still need to be uploaded.

Interested in booking me for an upcoming show? I’d love to collaborate on any events in Cambodia. I’m located in Siem Reap but open to travel around the country for the right events. You can contact me by using the contact form on OneZen or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

Album Artwork for The Mixtape 020

The artwork for today’s mix features a photo I took on the way to work back in 2018 in Clifton Park, NY. Image was taken with a Madventure 360 camera. Sometimes I think I miss the cold and snow, then I snap back to reality.

Image editing and the album cover were designed in Canva. Want your own album artwork? Contact our team today for professional graphic design services.

don stone the mixtape 020

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