As a digital marketing expert, I am available for a wide range of freelance marketing services. I have years of experience in the SEO and digital marketing fields. I am available to produce high-quality SEO content for websites, blogs, and social media. I enjoy writing about SEO, travel, gaming, entertainment, and photography but can provide content for clients in any niche or industry. Below are a few examples of content I have published across the web. Feel free to email me to inquire about services or to learn more about my freelance services. Below is a selection of previous published work and my resume for review.

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My Personal Blog

Here on onezen.me you’ll find a wide range of blog posts that interest me and follow my daily life as a digital nomad. Some of my most popular topics include travel, digital nomad life, gaming, web design tips, NFT investing, music & entertainment, and more.

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Links to Articles

This is a list of articles I have published previously.

The Importance of Environmental Awareness When Running a Business

A Kids Guide to Fairytales and Folklore


Glassmaking in Roman Culture

Making your Jeep Off-Road Ready

RC Cars: A Car Hobby That Requires No License

Home Science: Backyard Astronomy

Links to Website Content:

These are a selection of websites that I created content for. Over the past year, I have written content for over 200 websites in a wide range of industries and niches including digital marketing, web design, business law, rental properties, lawn care, landscaping, paving, construction, estate planning, international shipping, home renovation, and automotive repair.

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