Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review

xiaomi mi band 5 review

As someone who’s been through quite a few fitness trackers, I was incredibly excited to learn about the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. I recently damaged my old Fitbit and needed a replacement. I was looking for a replacement and unfortunately, upgrading to an Apple Watch or more expensive smartwatch is out of my price range. Living in Siem Reap, Cambodia, it can be incredibly difficult to find a quality, name-brand electronics as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find a store that had the latest fitness tracker from Xiaomi in stock. At the unbeatable price of $40USD, I decided to grab one a few months ago. So how does the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 stand up after a few months of testing? Keep reading as we give an in-depth review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

About the Mi Band 5

The Mi Band 5 is Xiaomi’s answer to Fitbit and other fitness trackers. It provides a wide range of information including heart rate, stress levels, sleeping patterns, and step count. It comes in a compact design and is incredibly comfortable. I wear mine nearly 24 hours a day and barely notice it. While small, the display and text are bright and crisp. Connecting the Mi Band 5 with the MI Fit app is essential to get the most out of the fitness tracker. The Mi Band 5 is water-resistant up to 5 atmospheres and has insanely amazing battery life. It also comes in a variety of colors to match you and your unique style. (Mine is black).

The Best Features of the Mi Band 5

For such an affordable fitness tracker the Mi Band 5 boasts some impressive features. From its extensive battery life to its ability to accurately monitor sleep patterns, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its feature set. As someone who actively road bikes, I was happy to find dedicated biking features. It can track 10 other sports modes including running, swimming, yoga, walking, and jumping rope.

Sports Tracking with your Band

I actively bike almost every day. The Mi Band 5 is a perfect addition to analyze my rides and become a better rider. I use a combination of the MI Band and Strava to acquire data about my bike rides. The Mi Band 5 provides a detailed understanding of my heart rate and effort while Strava provides a more detailed understanding of the ride and social features. Unfortunately, the Mi Band doesn’t integrate with the Strava app yet so you are required to run both at the same time. In the below images you’ll notice some discrepancies between the data of both apps. In a future article, I’ll go deep into the analytics and compare the functionality of the Mi Fit app vs Strava for biking. Interested in following my biking adventures on Strava, feel free to follow me – Don Stone on Strava

Sleep Tracking

As someone who’s a night owl and light sleeper, the sleep tracking has helped me understand my sleeping patterns and habits. It makes me happy when I see a few hours of deep sleep and REM sleep reported for my night. It also shows me time awake. For me, this is probably due to my cat waking me up cause he hasn’t been fed in a few hours.

PAI Tracking

Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) is a health score that monitors heart health impact from physical activity. An algorithm calculates a score on a seven-day rolling period. Your goal should be to maintain a score of 100 during the week. This can greatly affect the health of your heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and related issues. The Mi Band 5 does a fantastic job of tracking your Pai score and keeping you on track.

Battery Life

I am literally amazed at the battery life of this fitness tracker. Advertised with a 14-day battery life, I can say that I rarely charge my Mi Band 5. When it actually needs a charge, it quickly recharges in no time. While it comes with a magnetic USB charger, the connection to the MI Band is proprietary. Living in Cambodia, I fear it could be extremely difficult to replace the charging cable.

Display Features

The display is incredibly bright and crisp. you can use the Mi Fit app to download a wide range of watch faces as well. Choose from workout-focused faces to fashion faces. The only downside to many of the faces is the text may be too small for many people to read. As someone who has slight farsightnedess, some of the watch faces are incredibly difficult for me to read. I stick to ones with minimal art and large text for ease of use.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 offers easy connectivity to your iPhone or android device through the Mi Fit App. You’ll enjoy GPS tracking, text & call notifications, and all the analytical data you’ll ever need. From tracking your steps to sleep patterns, you’ll find all the information in the Mi Fit App. Review your latest run around town or monitor your stress levels throughout the day with your Mi Band 5.

Overall Review of the Mi Band 5 from Xiaomi

After owning my Mi Band 5 for about 6months I can say that it was worth every penny. While it may not have the functionally or style of an Apple watch, the Mi Band 5 can still provide excellent value for the money. Future updates to the app and watch faces would make the Mi Band even better. If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive and reliable fitness tracker, don’t hesitate to check out the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

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