Verify a YouTube channel without a phone number

verify youtube channel with no phone number

As a digital nomad, I change my phone number often. Often I only use Wi-Fi and have zero need for an actual phone number. While this is normally not a problem, it can cause some troubles. I needed to establish a new YouTube channel today. Setting up the channel is easy and I had no problem uploading videos to the channel. Unfortunately, you can’t verify a YouTube channel without a phone number.

Custom thumbnails require a YouTube verified account

verify youtube channel without a phone number
The thumbnail selection screen on YouTube

The problems start when you try to upload a custom thumbnail for your video. You’ll receive an error that will force you to verify your YouTube account with a phone number. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify your account without a phone number at the moment, but there is an easy way to verify the account without a phone number.

Steps to verify your YouTube channel without a phone

So are you ready to verify your account? When you hover over the thumbnail, there will be a selection to VERIFY. Click that to advance to the next screen. Here you’ll need to input a phone number.

youtube verifiy page 1 of 2

You will need a phone number to verify, but you won’t have to use your own number. You can use a virtual phone number for free. Here are 3 websites that can generate valid phone numbers that can be used to generate and send a text code.

All three of these sites have lists of random, free, virtual phone numbers. You may need to attempt a few different numbers before the YouTube verification will work. I had best results using

Once you choose a number enter the country and phone number into step 1 of the YouTube verification process. Choose “text me the verification code” for the second question.

Verification code for your YouTube account

youtube verify 2 of 2
Enter your new verification code

YouTube will send the verification code to the phone number you selected on your chosen website. My example below is the screen from SMS24.Me.

You’ll need to “refresh this page” a few times until the YouTube verification comes through. Once you receive the # go back to YouTube and enter the verification code. Hit “Submit” and your account should now be verified!

verify youtube channel without phone number
SMS24.ME phone page

Time to add those thumbnails!

Now that your account is verified, you should have no problem uploading cool, striking, and interesting thumbnails to your YouTube videos.

What do you think of this tutorial? We hope it was helpful and you were able to quickly verify your YouTube account without your personal phone number. Is there something we missed? We’d love to hear from you!

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