Splinterlands is a play2earn video game based on the Hive Blockchain. You can earn money while enjoying a great game. We will cover our account’s progress as we climb rankings and our account goes to the moon.

We’ve been playing the game as semi-free play for about two weeks. Each week we’ll check in here and report our progress in the game. We’ll also report on any major news or changes to the game.


Major Splinterlands News, August 24, 2021

The big news of the day centers around the removal of credits as an option to purchase quest potions. These potions were avaialble on the market for approximately $1USD as of August 23rd. With the switch to DEC-only purchases, one potion now costs $5.60 at the time of this report.

This is a huge loss for any free-to-play or low-spend account. It will have a major impact on how quickly you can build a deck and how quickly you can grow your account. We’ll keep you up to date on any news related to this issue.

This is a huge increase in daily spending from $1 to $5!

Posting on Splintertalk

I also post on Splintertalk to generate income in-game. Here’s what I was talking about last week.

Account Stats as of August 24, 2021

So how did our account do since day one? I purchased the spellbook and began playing on August 8th. Here are my Splinterlands account stats from August 8th till August 24th, 2021.

Win/Loss Ratio

As a low-spend account, I don’t expect to win every match. That being said, I finished a respectable 229 wins and 222 losses for a 50.78% win rate. Also, add in 9 draw matches.

It’s going to be a tough road to SIlver III this next season


The last season was completed on August 17th. I was able to reach Silver III ranking with a final rating of 1252. Not bad for my first season! To reach the minimum power requirement I did have to rent a lot of cards.

Let’s Talk Loot

My Epic Reward is currently worth $9 USD!

So here’s what really matters, the loot. I used a quest potion every day to receive five additional chests for completing my daily quest. These used to cost approximately 75 cents to purchase. Unfortunately with the new costs for these potions, I won’t be using them anymore.

Reward Cards in Splinterlands

Here’s what cards I’ve been rewarded for since day one. My rewards totaled 28 common cards, 5 rare cards, and 1 epic card totaling 34 reward cards. Not a bad loot reward. I’m dreading the next report when I don’t use any quest potions. The total market value for my reward cards is currently $28 USD

Common Reward Cards

  • 4 Common Sand Worms
  • 2 Ant Miners
  • 6 Charlock Minotaurs
  • 3 Demented Sharks
  • 2 Harverster
  • 6 Chain Spinner
  • 4 Phantoms
  • 1 Nightmare

Rare Reward Cards

  • 1 Efreet Elder
  • 1 Temple Priest
  • 3 Dark Ferryman

Epic Reward Cards

  • 1 Shadowy Presence

DEC and SPS Rewards

There are two cryptocurrencies associated with Splinterlands, DEC and SPS. DEC can be used as in-game currency and SPS can be staked in-game for more rewards. Starting at zero for both DEC and SPS, here’s what I have made so far by playing Splinterlands.

DEC totals so far 2403 DEC ($17.71 USD)

SPS totals so far 5.682 ($2.13)

Am I Making Money Weekly While Playing Splinterlands?

While I’m nowhere near quitting my day job, there is money to be made playing this game. Recent changes might make it harder to earn quickly though. Luckily, new cards are going to be announced soon that could dramatically affect the value of current cards, DEC, and SPS.

My total account sits at a value of $59.72 after 16 days of gameplay. For spending $30 to start, that is a pretty good return. I was estimating close to $100 by the end of 30 days, but since I can’t use quest potions anymore my earnings are going to drop off dramatically.

Stay tuned for next week’s report to see if these changes make me quit the game.

Want to join in on the fun and play Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a great way to earn cryptocurrency while playing video games. Collect cards, create your decks and prepare for battle. Join the fight today!